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Friday, March 4, 2011 • 3/04/2011 02:45:00 PM • 1 comments

Hi guys :) Been missing me ? I doubt. Well, I haven't be writing new entries because it's either, there's nothing much to write about, and I was on the examination now. uh-oh I must to study math and sejarah for tomorrow.. err, okay but I'm already in front of my computer now and trying to write this entry. So, the big wait's over now :D
Anyway, 2011 will be here in like what, 1 week ? Ya Allah,,Time passes by so fast. So, add math paper tadi it's soooo 'easy'. like what ? haha . rasa nak menangiss tengok soalan add math tadi. asal aku tak dapat jawab tadii ? :'( urghh. It's okay kan dah lepas pun. tapi geram..geram.. geram.. :( boleh pula lupa AP and GP. kenapeee ?! hmm :(

okayy keylaa, kata orang 'sometimes what you want isn't always what you get, but in the end, what you get is so much better than what you wanted'

fine :')

okayy malam semalam, aku baca buku form 4, 'he had such a quiet eyes', and, tak tahu cmne, tetibe aku emotional sangat sampai rase macam nak menangis, dan marah2. HAHA, nak tahu kenapa? hee adee laaa.. err nothing's ever perfect, you know ?

gambar di atas ini ibarat, 'Hidup bukan macam photoshop, kau boleh buang apa yang kau tak nak dan kau ada-adakan benda yang tak ada.' hehe

I very veryy hate 'someone' with a bad attitude like 'someone'. honestly. I'm not perfect, But I'm certainly who trully I am. But I'm not fake ONE .

and, I'm never sure of anything, lately. Thanks to wasting ur time reading those bullshit I wrote, guys :) I love you!

The name given is Aqilah Zahirah Zulhisham. She loves to blogging since 2007 :)She lives in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysian. There is her own story of love and disappoinment, grief and happiness.

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