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They're my Lovely Parents That I have but sometimes I make a bad attitude with them.
Zulhisham. Yes, that's my dad. He's always gave me a spirit. 
He got straight As for his spm and A1 in addtional mathematics and account and english.
He's studied in University of Missouri,USA. 
When I fight with my annoying brother, Abah always back up on me.HAHA. 
But sometimes I don't like my dad because asyik bagi muka jer kat diri i nie but..but.. I felt hated or sulk or whatever, if my dad would scold me. i memang pelikkan?hhm, i banyak sakitkan hati tapi i know abah mesti pendam je takkan cakap depan2 sebab i akan ambik spm tahun ni :(  i takkan cakap dengan abah kalau dia marah then merajuk masuk bilik. Hahaa.Now,and today baru i nampak perangai i yang macam pfft..! But, abah never scold or mad or everything. Abah selalu sabar dengan perangai sayaa :') 

Ayati, that's my mom who always teach me :) She have baby face and she's so kind to all her son and daughter. My mom is a teacher of mathematics at my school.
Mom got A1 in biologi and bahasa melayu and mathematics. And mom also studied in USA.
Mom studied at Kent State,University. Omangeeeee, seriously I loveeeeeeeeeee you both :)
I always do everything that I want to do. But, both of you alwayyyss patient to me.
What the,.what the,... how evil I am :'(

Now,you tell me , which daughter won't feel like crying? :')
My parents always have a way to put tears in my face. Yes, those touched, flattered, happy tears.
I tak pernah ikut cakap, I selfish selalu taknak kalah, asyik merajuk kalau kena marah, kuatkan suara, I merajuk taknak cakap dengan mom and abah sampai dorang yang cakap dengan i dulu. Ya Allah, derhaka ke tu ?
I know, perangai akak yang selalu mengalah and ikut cakap dorang buat dia lebih berjaya and now she's studying at University :') Perangai akak dengan I sumpahh mcm gunung dengan Bukit.
 Anyway, Mom and Abah, thank you for all you've done for me. Love me, protect me, listen to me, and make me happy. I know sometimes I do hurt your feelings, and I'm sorry if I ever do. I will try to be a better daughter. And of course, tryna be what you want me to be. I will try not to let you down, or break your heart. And of course, I'll try to make you happy and proud. I will. I love you both You're perfect for me :D

The name given is Aqilah Zahirah Zulhisham. She loves to blogging since 2007 :)She lives in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysian. There is her own story of love and disappoinment, grief and happiness.

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