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Thursday is a english day in my school. So, today is Thursday, I will write in English. Because, my teacher told all student in my school to speak in English to all those around them. Please tell me if I may be mistaken :) PAHAM? (=

I have set myself the task of relating in the course of this story, without suppressing or altering a single detail, the most painful episode of my life. My heart almost stopped with terror; I had altogether forgotten that. 

I do this, not because it will give me the least pleasure, but simply because it afford me an opportunity of extenuating myself, which has hitherto been wholly denied to me.
But in my own case there is one to whom I shall nevermore be permitted to justify by word of mouth. I write this, knowing it can do me no harm, and faintly hoping that it may come to her notice and suggest a doubt whether I am quite so unscrupulous a villain or a hypocrite, as I have been forced to appear in his eyes. I do not expect him back to me but he wanted me to go back to him. #Watdefak ! Kau ingat tak aku pernah kata kau tu mcm binatang sebab pangai kau yang takde perasaan dan hati AND aku pernah kata kau setan sebab kau tak pernah menghargai. Yes, you're my everything, you're my soul TAPI satu masa dahulu dan Sorry if I say that, sekarang kau mcm habuk jer bagi aku.

I get rid of his being made a long time, For, even then, I never thought of any other, until suddenly it flashed upon me with terrible clearness that my miserable shuffling by the hedge had made it impossible to tell the truth! I had not told a direct lie,  Many people can appease their consciences by reflecting that,sila tengok muka kau kat cermin sebelum mengata orang. okay, whatever may be the effect their words produce, they did contrive to steer clear of a downright lie. I never quite knew where the distinction moral of you, but there _is_ that feeling that I have it myself.

Okay then, just forget him. I know his was worse. But I also hated that people like to showing off. berlagak. Poyo. Huh, watthehellhah ? Okay, I know with it. And, kepada sape yang tahu diam2 jea eh, watlek watcool, watpeace, okay :)

The name given is Aqilah Zahirah Zulhisham. She loves to blogging since 2007 :)She lives in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysian. There is her own story of love and disappoinment, grief and happiness.

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