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Assalamualaikum wbt and Happy Tuesday :) Hi so I've decided to write again but um, nothing special today. Spm has been over for two months now and I'm sooooooo friggin glad. But I know I 'll be worried sick about the results in fifteen days ?! err Jyeah -,-

Anyway, I think I write way too much short and little thinking. I'm living a great life now  but I'll updates my lovely blog when I'm get bored or got something special-stories to shared. About two-three minutes ago I have been to chat w friends on fibox and blogwalking to her blog, ASAR. andd andd her song on their blog buat aku rinduu dekat Guardian :') lagu thousand miles -vanessa carlton.  cos hari-hari pasang lagu tu. HAHA

Hari nie tiga orang ajak aku keluar sekali gus, for tomorrow laa dan aku tak tahu nak keluar dengan siapa :( Maybe Fadilla kot. Sebab Mizi macam pelik. nadz pun macam pelik. HAHA. i dont know la apa yang pelik tapi dorang menakutkan jer ~ haha. Sorry korangg. kih3..

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