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Once upon a time, something happened to me, it was the sweetest thing that could ever be, a fantasy, a fairy tale, a dream come true, it was the day that I met you.

You were smart, funny and good looking. I admit now that I was totally taken by you when I first met you. But I didn’t want to admit that to myself. Partly because I believed that I was in love with my boyfriend.
You never realized that I could never properly talk to you. My stomach tightened whenever I heard your voice. My body shook when you called my name. I stuttered when you talked to me. But I believed that I was in love with my boyfriend.
At first, I thought I was afraid of you. Of course, it wasn’t that. But my symptoms were somewhat similar to fear.

Whenever I fought with my boyfriend, I had always you to turn to. I could comfortably cry on your shoulder and my pain would lessen. After a while, I realized I wasn’t afraid of you.
True, we’ve had our share of fights. Mainly over my boyfriend. You always used to tell me to dump him; that he was no good for me. I knew he treated me like shit, but I believed I was in love with my boyfriend.
And then that fateful day, he broke up with me. I cried a lot, and you were the first one whom I told. You took away my pain again, and filled the hole in my heart with happiness. Things got normal after a while

Remember all those stupid talks we used to have? I never realized through all
your stupid comments, sweet talks, fights we've had, that I'd actually love you.
I had started to suspect it, but I had just been through a very rough break up. I didn’t know if I had the strength in me to be in a relationship again. And I was afraid too. Afraid that you might not love me, as I love you.

That day, I truly admitted to myself that I loved you. I had never loved my ex-boyfriend. He had never been as charming, handsome, funny, sweet or romantic as you. I swore that I’d never want anything else from life if I had you.
And then happened the most important day of my life.
I clearly remember the day when I beat you in hangman 5 times in a row.
And I did the thing that came most naturally to me. I gloated.
Me: Yes! I won! Again!

And then you said something that confused me totally.
You: No you didn't. I did.
How could you win when I had won? And that too 5 times in a row???
Me: But, I just beat you. . . how did you win?
And your answer was even more confusing.
You: I won the grand prize.
I didn’t know what you were talking about.
Me: There is no grand prize. What do you mean?
Your talks were starting to get me nervous. It was like a feeling of anticipation. My heart fluttered in my stomach and my lips were dry.
You: Oh yes there is. And I won it.

I didn’t know what grand prize you were talking about
Me: What is it?
My heart stopped when you answered me. I couldn’t breathe. It was as if suddenly, the whole burden was lifted off my heart. I have never felt more happy than I felt that day. And your answer?
You: you.
In your sweet, indirect way, you made me yours. And I know that we won’t be separated ever.
There are going to be rifts between us. But we’ll sail through them together.
And one more thing. Now that I have you, I don’t want anything else from life.
Anubhav, I love you.

The name given is Aqilah Zahirah Zulhisham. She loves to blogging since 2007 :)She lives in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysian. There is her own story of love and disappoinment, grief and happiness.

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