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you make me..angry
Friday, December 10, 2010 • 12/10/2010 11:57:00 AM • 2 comments

hello . how's your holiday ? As always, mine's dead boring and there's nothing I could do. oh today's just another boring friday. I will make this quick. I'm not in the mood to do anything right now. So what's gonna be written, is something partially random- express my feelings.
okay, I love you all. But that's why the stupid shit someone makes me so fucking angry !


bila dah marah, rasa macam nak maki-maki orang tu. buat muka sikit biar dia takut. grrr! tapi, atas nie bukan muka qeela kalau marah. muka qeela kalau marah lagi menakutkan ! HAHAA.
korang gerenti takut nak cakap dengan qeela time qeela marah. agagaa..

seperti yang dikatakan tadi, seseorang yang menyakitkan sekali lagi buat qeela marahh. oleh sebab yang tidak dapat diberitahu, qeela teramat BENCI orang tu ! sekarang. Dan sampai bila-bila qeela menyampah dan benci orang tu. :'( I wanna kill someone, please. Can I scream now ? URGH ! Or maybe smash my friggin keyboard now? URGHHHHHH !! I think some people around me are being so fucking selfish ! I need only my loved ones around me and push everybody else out of my life right now.

But,I was really offended. Really, but whatever. This is just one fucking post.

p/s: hey hey forgive me for the usage of the F word.

Dear blogger, I feel like crying. pleeeaaaaseeee help me :'(

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