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You are pretty much my favourite of all time in the history of ever (!) =]

Salam :) First of all, congrats to will and Kate. same match, the beautiful, the better and Perfect ! it is heavenly beautiful, right ? The prince and princess like cinderella's story and I could not stop smiling to see their wedding plans :D
Sometimes I'll remember 'him' :) Hihi. Happiness start with One word, One joke, One text, One phone call, One song, One hug and One kiss.
And stops with one mistake .

Petang tadi aku tido :P
aku jumpaa F. Tak sangka dia kenal aku :)
Lepas tu, kitorang rapaaatt sangat.
even time tuh dia tengah kapel dengan Y.
Tapi Y yang tak pernh cakap dengan aku tu, terus jadi rapat dengan aku.
Y cerita keburukan and kebaikan sifat dia.
tak tahu apa motif dia.
Dan, tak sangka F merupakan cousin kepada Amirul.
Jangan percaya doe, semua nie mimpi aku jea tadi :) Hihi.

There's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 You,
I Love You :')
p/s : I'm starting to miss you again (=

The name given is Aqilah Zahirah Zulhisham. She loves to blogging since 2007 :)She lives in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysian. There is her own story of love and disappoinment, grief and happiness.

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