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Tuesday, May 24, 2011 • 5/24/2011 02:54:00 PM • 0 comments

Hi guys . Exam baru sahaja habis.
Walaupun cuma mid year exam, spm tak habis lagii pun, tapi rasa legaaaaaaaaaaaa !
Semalam memang tension sangat-2. First time study add math sampai nangis-2. caye tak? Hihi. haih Sabar je lahh ouh.
But, everything is gonna be alright :)
Shireen Alyssa, my little cousin :)

The name given is Aqilah Zahirah Zulhisham. She loves to blogging since 2007 :)She lives in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysian. There is her own story of love and disappoinment, grief and happiness.

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