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Hari cikgu 2011
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Hi guys.
I'll make this entry as quick as possible. Okay, we had our Teachers Day celebration at school.
Today is my last year to celebrate teachers. But, today I came to school at 8 AM :)
Hihi, So wondered what I got for my teachers ? I just give the mug. Sorry, Nothing special hehe :D Anyway, today was fine. And, my teacher kiss me. aww 
After that, a lot of interesting presentations and awesome show were held. The best show ever, we're launging, that's reaaaalllllyy nice show! Sorry, Im'ma lazy to upload the video.heeee :) After blessing and greeting with all the teachers, we go to break. The most interesting, we can eat whatever we want, because our principal treat all students. That's sooooooooooo noble of principal :) Did not realize, how very kind you are. :'D Thank you so much, teacher!
After school, my friends and I went to giant. We are out of school earlier than other students. Hihi. 

Well, I'm a very busy girl lately. So, I had to stop for the day as the examination is still not finished :) Bhaii-bhaii. Oh! Before I forget, Happy Teacher's Day also to my mom :) May Allah Bless you. XOXO 

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