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Cikgu cakap siapa tak lulus akaun tak boleh kahwin..
Saturday, March 24, 2012 • 3/24/2012 11:16:00 PM • 0 comments

Hello superb followers. It's about 10.22 pm and andd I still awake and fresh. Can't sleep. Yyeah My family and I went to UiTM Shah Alam today and I met many friends yang sebaya dengan saya. haha and I terserempak dengan Dayah and Meni. HAHA. My schoolmates. Now Im so.. erm like people who will sit for the examination. Nervous. Okay okay there was really no reason why I should be nervous, but I was. I've talked to Fadilla and Diyana about everything, since she's my Bff. Thats what Bff are for. I really hope this is my best choice. -UiTM. InsyaAllah. I choose that far away cos I've my own reasons. and of course not in KL.

Oh now Im really hungry :-/ I want to go out with my friends. As usual lepaking at restaurant. Sometimes I just back home at 11 - 12 am. We are always sharing all gossip and stories . HEHE. but Im so busy lately and I've no time with them :( maybe. For sure I really miss all my friends. Espicially my gang, craziest and funnier, who can makes me smile and relaxing. No stress. =)

Ohh I found this picture on Facebook, so I want to shared with everybody. And it's really true even I also do that, yeah erm like complain bout people or something bad on my sweetie blog, beautiful facebook and my best fried, twitter. HAHA. but now I realise the one and only who really know bout our problems or mistakes, just Him. Allah Swt :)

HEHE so guys I want to share the story of Ar-Razi ! :) Okay before we get the Spm result, our teacher, Account teacher, Puan Wan Zawiyah Wan Ismail told like this.."siapa yang tak lulus akaun tak boleh kahwin" and kitorang macam cuak gila bhaii. doa seorang guru ke tu? Haha. So look at the picture :)

and after we got the results..Alhamdulillah all of 5 Ar-Razi LULUS :D Takde sorg pun yang dapat G. Hehe aku dapat B+ jer for account but it's okay la :') Thanks Allah..

So that's all. :') Miss my classmates !

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