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Hello guys. Today I've an interview at UiTm shah alam . But my mom didn't wake up even it's 10 am, maybe she is tired. jyeah my little brother and sister can't asleep and they are still awake until 3 am. I think so. but not what it is. I only need to be prepared to ensure that all goes quickly.

Oh oh I've had a great time for yesterday. As usual, Meet Mizie is my new hobby. hehe and the fact he is the only one makes me feel like.. ohsem :) It's greatful enough. But I felt so sorry for my new bestie, Sai. Her bf so awkward and silly. Sai be patient okay. Maybe you can get a good man as you. You are pretty kind and I hate some boys who have a selfish attitude. They are always make some girls felt crying. Just be faithful to her or your the only one. It's just perfect, are'nt you ?
You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see but cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel. Stay you. Dont be fakers. Oh I felt so disgust, why not ? My dad commented me yesterday. About what ? Ughh, I dont think so I can accept like, 'okay i will'.. or something like that or whatever. I can't. My dad commented me and he do not want me to wearing the 'beautiful shirt' that I'd been bought and it just rm67 ! I have my own reasons and he dont want me to wearing 'The' shirt when I hang out. Wat de hell yeah. Hmmm. This is impossible to me to doing like that. Follow my dad's rules ? Oh no! Yeah this is impossible to follow but only I believe it is. I will. I dont want to be a rebellious child :'-/ So I had to follow. urgh ! :( you hate it? yeah me too.


Okay then, got to go. I want to shower, it's 10.30 am already. There's nothing to write and thanks to read my entries.

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