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A day: Dad's sacrifice
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 • 4/22/2014 03:32:00 PM • 0 comments

I am a teen. but I miss being a little kid. I go to bed late. I have my own desires. I want a new handbag and I ask my mom to "belanja keyla" and my mom reply "bolehh " and smile :) and and I want a new handphone. I just told to my dad. but he doesnt want to buy me a phone. I guess ,yes, I've changes a phone already. I had one too but something happened that it dont want to worked anymore. Then I ask my dad and that time I want he buy for me. My dad told me to sabar. and I felt likee.. I want now! oh,please grow up keyla! You are not a kid anymore.

Now I feel bad when my parents bought me a things, even stuff I need. Im realize that my dad pays the phone bills and I just used. I dont know why my mind thinking about this topic at this time. I cant help but I feel guilty when my parents bought me some things. Dont get me wrong , Im not a selfish , a teenager who makes her parents buy her everything and doesnt even get a job to pay for the things I really wants.  No, that is not how I am. Even abah who helped pay tuition fees . He is bought me a laptop that I used now. what else is not enough ?

Is that one of the reason I want a job and I get it. I want give a money for my parents and I want make them proud of me. I must study hard too to get an excellent result.

before I back to batu pahat, I said to abah  'alaaa'
and abah look at me and ask ' nape ?'
I reply him 'tak sempat beli beg sandang'
and it is 9.50 pm. abah says ' laa tak cakap tadi,mmg dah plan ke? pukul berapa sekarang, sempat lagi kot. jom'
and I just say 'dah plan da petang tadi. takpe laaa'

and, saya masuk dalam rumah.

esoknya, otw ke TBS abah told me 'nak beg macamana, macam ni okay' sambil tunjuk beg sandang warna hitam.

and I just smile and says' taknak la, keras. nak yang kain'

abah reply ' keras la okay tak rosak buku, tahan lama'

I just .. 'taknak la, nak yg ada corak2'

abah pun 'ohh nak batik ke. hhihi'

abah laughing. and I know he is hiding his feeling,maybe. kecik hatikah ? :(

Daddy, I may be a moody teenager, but I will always need my daddy. I will always need my daddy to hurt the boys who broke my heart, I will always need you. because youre my daddy and I owe you my life, and for that Im thankful. 

I dont know what would I do without them :')

The name given is Aqilah Zahirah Zulhisham. She loves to blogging since 2007 :)She lives in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysian. There is her own story of love and disappoinment, grief and happiness.

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