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Friday, August 17, 2012 • 8/17/2012 03:06:00 AM • 0 comments

salam ramadhan. selamat pagi! *tengokjam* nak masuk 3 pagi. COOOOOL... can't sleep. sebab baru bangun.wahaha. boring gila bila nak siap assignment ni pun taktahu lah. haih. wuuu, so then yestersay my friend .. --' (annoying friend actually) asked me about my business. and he's also promote his business. wat de heck. come on, find another people lah ! Tak payah nak sibuk-sibuk ajak aku. and as you know, not only him. My another friend, actually my classmates- at secondary school, has join another business. and he's also  invited me to go to the event. bus, no thanks. can't and not my type to leave my business! So then, there is a little conversation w him- annoying people. at all.
haha. Never join yours la, and please don't distubing me agaiiiiiin. fewh.

The name given is Aqilah Zahirah Zulhisham. She loves to blogging since 2007 :)She lives in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysian. There is her own story of love and disappoinment, grief and happiness.

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